Five things you need to know about: Titanium Immersions

Titanium Immersion

1 - They’re naturally corrosion-resistant

Titanium has a high boiling and melting point, high strength and a very low density. With these useful metallic properties, titanium has a higher resistance to corrosion than a typical incoloy, making it the perfect material for an immersion.

2 - They’re ideal for homeowners with hard water

A build-up of limescale over time will reduce the effectiveness of your equipment and can shorten the lifespan of your immersion heater. The properties of titanium provide greater resistance to the degrading reactions hard water can cause on cylinder parts.

What does ‘water hardness’ mean?

The ‘water hardness’ is determined by high levels of calcium and magnesium compounds that occur naturally in your water, typically measured in how many milligrams of calcium per litre.  Where hard water is heated or settled, the limescale build up can increase; accumulating quickly over time within a hot water cylinder.  Signs of hard water include residual soap scum on your bath, shower or dishes and scale build-up in your pipes.

3 - They can save you money

If you use a lot of hot water, or live in an area with hard water, you might be replacing your immersions more frequently. Although a titanium immersion may cost more than a standard incoloy immersion, their durability and resistance to corrosion will help them to last longer – reducing the need for frequent replacement and, ultimately, saving you money.

4 - They’re great for business use

Businesses or properties that use a hot water cylinder more than normal – such as hairdressers - would benefit from changing their immersions to titanium. Excessive use of the immersion reduces its expected lifespan. The strength of titanium means it has a high tolerance against repetitive heating and will typically last longer.

5 - You could have one tomorrow!

We have a wide range of titanium immersions available, suitable for a variety of cylinders. Place your order by 3pm and take advantage of our free next business day delivery (when you spend £200) to receive your immersion as soon as tomorrow! Take a look at our extensive range of immersion heaters available to you today.

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